DNSPGP - PGP Key Distribution via DNS

Dec 15 2009

Cleaning up the site a bit with a touch of CSS. Still a "work in progress" so check back over the next week to see an improvement in "look and feel."

Dec 13 2009

The lookup tool is complete, for the moment. Check it out via the link on the left.

It figures that we'd finish the lookup tool just when we discover some previous work on storing and/or retrieving PGP keys via DNS. However, it appears that the previous work does not completely overlap with DNSPGP and DNSPGP still offers a better solution for larger organizations.

Dec 11 2009

The http_alt() function is almost done. It's written using plain PHP so as to be most compatible with various web hosting providers. Shouldn't matter too much as the function probably won't see much public distribution.

Dec 7 2009

Site is up and mostly structured. We are also working on a lookup tool to test resource records and public key retrieval. Running into some problems with converting PHP code to something compatible with our hosting provider who doesn't support pecl_http. So we're writting our own http_alt() function.